Thursday, September 24, 2009

Organic Gardening for Sustainable Food

The present need to live in a conscious and sustainable manner was never so great. With diabetes and obesity becoming a national concern in the US and all over the world, one can’t deny the importance of organic gardening and sustainable food. Your must be aware of Michelle Obama’s efforts to encourage the consumption of organic vegetables in the US. She recently planted an organic garden in a 1,100 square foot plot at the White House. This was certainly a remarkable effort towards initiating environmental sustainability and ethical consumption.

If you are an informed consumer like millions all over the world, you must be aware of the benefits associated with growing your own healthy food. By reducing the use of processed food and incorporating organic produce in your daily diet, you can balance good work with healthy living. I have been doing organic gardening at a small scale and trust me, the food not only tastes better but I am also enjoying its environmental and health benefits. Organic plants don’t require regular ingestion of pesticides like other commercial products which means you will be feeding fresh and healthy food to your family.

With the organic movement attaining wide acceptance, consumers need to become more responsive towards it. The organic garden at the White House is a powerful symbol of change. Similarly, organic farm owners should also lead by personal example and spread awareness on a local as well as national level. An effective way of teaching school and college students about the importance of health and sustainability, organic gardening is also useful in relating with the cycle of nature and production of food.

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