Friday, September 18, 2009

Organic Food By Prince Charles and Elizabeth Hurley

Get ready to savor the organic food range by Prince Charles and Elizabeth Hurley which is all set to hit the markets this October. The Hollywood actress recently teamed up with none other than Prince Charles to come up with an entire range of low fat sustainable food. As per the industry reports, Elizabeth was planning to start a venture in the catering business. She has already gained success in selling pork, beef and lamb that is raised sustainably on her farm to some of the leading farmer markets and chefs in and around UK. However, her interest in the provision of healthy food increased further after she read about the dietary advice for women who wanted to avoid breast cancer.

Duchy Originals, the sustainable food brand owned by Prince Charles will now be supplied organic meat from Elizabeth Hurley’s 400 acre farm. Prince Charles has been extending his support towards the organic food movement since the 80’s. He has even written a book with Stephanie Donaldson called The Elements of Organic Gardening. Organic products from his Duchy Originals are made from the produce of his farms. Hurley’s move to work with Duchy Originals will not only expand her business to a great extent but also make a significant impact on consumer choices. Even though PETA has urged the actress to promote a healthy vegetarian diet, it is a welcoming change to see celebrities take up social and environmental causes.

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