Thursday, September 24, 2009

From White House Organic Garden to the Farmers Market

Michelle Obama continues to extend her support to the sustainable food movement. Her attempt to spread awareness for healthy eating doesn’t seem to be limited to the White House organic garden. She recently took the cause a step ahead by shopping at a new farmers market set up few blocks from the White House. According to news reports, she bought cheese, black kale, fingerling potatoes and various other items from the market and also discussed the importance of sustainable food with more than 300 shoppers gathered over there.

At a time when harmful pesticides are being used in conventional farming methods, one can’t avoid the benefits of having locally grown sustainable fruits and vegetables. The first lady also revealed the fact that takeout food used to be a primary part of their diet before she realized its effects on the health of her family. She referred farmers markets as one of the best places for Americans to learn how the items of daily consumption are being produced. Consumers can interact with the farmers directly and ask them about the methods they use to grow seasonal vegetables and fruits. They don’t need to spend thousands on organic food items available at high end supermarkets. Food items available in the farmers markets are not only grown in a sustainable manner but they are also easy on your pocket.

Efforts made by the first lady seem to bring a positive change in the shopping habits of consumers. Even though such events are being considered a press pool by many, it will be great if such events encourage more consumers to support sustainable farming practices.

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