Thursday, September 24, 2009

Have You Tried the Sustainable Sushi?

The mere mention of fresh fish, wasabi and subtly seasoned rice reminds me of an authentic Japanese sushi bar. Raw octopus served on rice mixed with vinegar or seaweed rolled into a cylinder with fish and rice, one just can’t forget the taste. There are millions of sushi lovers around the globe who treat themselves to sushi more than twice a month. But, the big question is? Do we know how green our sushi is? Personally, I never gave it a thought before I came across an article that talked about the sushi industry causing environmental degradation to our oceans. Based on estimations made by researchers, every commercial fishery in the world might collapse by 2048, if the current ocean harvesting ways are not changed.

Sushi trade is heavily based on methods of fishing and farming that can cause harm to the ecosystem and result in massive carbon footprints. So, the next time you want to enjoy this delicacy without feeling guilty, try sustainable sushi. It will not only please your taste buds but also help you support sustainable fishing practices throughout the world. Sustainable food and health are two interconnected factors. It helps to know if the fish used in your sushi is healthy and not endangered. While scientists are finding new sustainable fishing methods, eco-savvy sushi chefs are coming up with new preparations and flavors made with sustainable fish. Many high end sushi bars are providing pocket guides to their customers who want to make responsible sushi choices.

Sustainable sushi has made it easy for ethical consumers (sushi lovers) to indulge in good food without harming the planet. They can refer to any of the three color coded guides made available by leading ocean conservation organizations to enjoy their guilt-free sushi.

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