Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hospitals in UK to Go Veg

Yes you read that right! Very soon patients in hospitals across the UK will be tucking into locally grown vegetarian food. With this pronouncement, the government plans to help the climate by cutting back the use of meat from the hospital menu. With the promotion of meat free menu in British hospitals, the government can cut down carbon emission to a great extent and also help the local farmers get a fair price for their produce. Money saved from these cuts will be further used on providing better health services to the patients.

Several climate experts are of view that the impact of climate change can be reduced if people across the world avoid having meat for one day per week. Methane is emitted by sheep and cows and the emission of carbon is also relatively high when rearing poultry and animals. Under the Pilot Hospital Food Project, four of London’s NHS hospitals are being encouraged to increase the use of organic/local food in their menu. Approximately 500 million pounds are spent annually by the NHS to serve over 300 million meals in 1200 hospitals. This project works in co-ordination with the Soil association to ensure that nutritious sustainably grown food is made available to hospitals across London.

Coastal flooding will increase as the climate changes. If the policy makers and consumers don’t take immediate steps to combat this global issue, millions of people around the world will suffer from shortage of energy, food and water in the coming years.

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