Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sustainable Fishing for Sustainable Seafood

Unprecedented rise in illegal industrial fishing is causing damage to oceans, polluting water and depleting fish population all over the world. The next time you order your favorite seafood platter, try making a safe and eco-friendly choice. Leading ocean conservation organizations offer downloadable pocket guides that can help consumers make an informed decision. These color coded guides list seafood that has been raised or caught in a sustainable manner. Since there are so many varieties to choose from, you can narrow your search by targeting your region or choosing your favorite fish.

At a time when our oceans are under more pressure than ever, we can also make a difference by purchasing seafood from fisheries that support sustainable fishing practices. Greenpeace has regarded Fish4Ever as one of the most sustainable fisheries out there. The fish they sell is caught in a sustainable manner. From sardines and anchovies to tinned tuna, Fish4Ever sells its fish canned with organic ingredients at a competitive price. Wouldn’t it be great to enjoy clean and fresh tinned tuna with a clear conscience? The taste and quality of sustainable seafood is any day better than what we normally buy. The cost may differ to some extent but your purchase in turn will protect the oceans and empower fisheries that support sustainable practices.

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