Monday, September 7, 2009

Can You Identify the Source of What You are Eating?

How soon are you planning to join the bandwagon of people who wish to live and eat organically? Well, if you already have, there are chances you may be munching on a bowl of perfectly tossed green lettuce salad or sipping your organic soy milk while reading this post. With every passing day we are trying to include sustainable food items in our diet, but don’t you want to know where the organic fruit or lettuce was grown? Lately, I have also been reading a lot about it and trust me, if you support the “go green” cause; this is one question you just can’t avoid.

Let’s talk about the organic vegetables and fruits you may have stuffed your refrigerator with. You thought you were being socially responsible, buying these items from an up-market store, selling “green” products, but wouldn’t it help to trace where your food is coming from and how it got to the market? Well, many growers in the US have come up with a tracing system within which they paste stickers with codes on plastic packaged fruits and veggies to help consumers learn where it was grown through the Internet. You can type the 16 digit tracking code in the locator field of the company’s site for more information about the products you have bought. According to experts, the entire series of industry efforts for improvising food traceability was spurred due to the spinach E. coli outbreak. This led the FDA to issue an advisory against growers and products that didn’t follow responsible methods of production.

Efforts are being made to encourage more growers in the US to apply codes on their produce by 2010. I feel that even though this tracking system will put extra pressure on the producers and farm owners and keep them on their toes; it will also prove extremely beneficial for them in sharing information as well as building trust in their brand. So, get set to become a more informed organic consumer!

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