Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hotels Serving Sustainable Food

Thanks to the rise in popularity of sustainable food movement, several reputed hotels and food joints across the world have also started serving dishes made from organic produce. As a part of their commitment to environmental concerns, many such food joints specialize in the preparation and serving of sustainable cuisines. One such example is the Grand Ballroom of the Plaza hotel in Delaware which is the first major venue that has incorporated the 100-Mile “field to fork” concept in its menu. Whether they organize business banquets, black tie events or wedding receptions, sustainable food is served to all the guests.

By preparing and serving cuisines made from fresh and locally grown produce, hotels are not only limiting waste and saving money but also offering healthy food options to the guests. The present need is to encourage more restaurants and hotels to purchase from local farmers instead of buying it from faraway distributors. There is no need for them to hire chefs who specialize in organic cuisines. Instead they just need to focus on where the vegetables, meat products and fruits they are purchasing come from. This will not only help hotels and food joints make a difference to the environment and support communities but there are chances that their customer base will also increase if they start offering organic food.

There are several resorts and hotels in Delaware that have started serving sustainable food, using seasonal and fresh ingredients. These resorts make use of antibiotic free pork, free range beef, organic turkey and seafood. Partnerships are also being established with several local farmers so that they can directly supply food products to the hotels.

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